Easy Ways To Go Eco-Friendly With Your Wardrobe!


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When it comes to shopping, the last thing on our mind is the environment. But for the sake of future generations, it’s a good idea to think twice before making any purchases. That way, you can have a cute new addition to your wardrobe while helping the environment at the same time. My friend Jessie whose very into the environment really got me interested and their actually some easy ways to go eco-friendly with your wardrobe.

Invest in a cotton handbag

 Let’s face it, leather bags can be a fantastic addition and a huge statement piece to your wardrobe. After all, there are some beautiful ones out there. However, if you want to help the environment, you should consider going for a handbag which is made from cotton instead. That way, it’s an eco-friendly option which will last you for years to come. You could also look into bags which have been upcycled. They can still look brilliant with your wardrobe, and you will know you are doing a good thing too:) Also, when heading out to invest in some new pieces for your wardrobe, make sure you use a reusable shopping bag. That way, you don’t have to cause waste by opting for plastic bags which end up heading to the landfill! They are tons of cute inexpensive ones at Forever 21 and Urban outfitter with cute slogans too.

Hunt down brands which do natural clothing

Could you name some brands who do eco-friendly clothing? It’s best to get  some research done up before you start buying new clothes. You can look online to find clothing which has been made with the environment in mind. For example, Merino Snug wool clothing is eco-friendly as it’s made from natural fibers. Therefore, look for brands that you  can wear that  you know you are not harming the environment! There are also many sites online which can guide you to make the right choice when buying clothing.

Go for handcrafted jewelry

You should also make sure you are making the right choice when it comes to jewelry. There are so many beautiful necklaces nowadays  which might have been created with toxic materials. Therefore, you should opt for handcrafted items from someone who makes them themselves.Plus it’s more special that way too. As this article explains, it helps to reduce the toxins when manufacturing items!

Opt for vintage clothing

Rather than always heading for the latest trends, you should consider opting for vintage clothing, you will be re-using old items which another person may have thrown away. And you are bound to get compliments if you choose something unique.I love wearing vintage. I love hitting up thrift shops or  you can raid your mom’s wardrobe to do your bit for the environment.

Shop in local stores

It’s always a good idea to help your local boutiques in your area if you want to do your part for the environment. If you buy clothes cheaply from large organizations, they are bound to fall apart after a few washes. And it means you will end up having to go buy more clothes sooner rather than later which is not good for the environment. Therefore, support your local stores who often make the clothing themselves.

And remember to always take old clothing to thrift shops. It’s such a waste when people put them straight into the bin. But unfortunately, a lot of individuals put old clothes in the garbage. So,this weekend head to a thrift shop and make a difference to the environment. And remember it’s not just clothing; you should go natural with your makeup too! Hmm maybe I should do a part 2 lol.

P.S. So much has been happening, I have to definitely give you guys an update…stay tuned.

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