Barack Obama Planning All-Out Sprint to Finish for Hillary Clinton: ‘She Made Me a Better President’

His wife has been nicknamed “The Closer” for her ability to win over voters – but in the final stretch of the election, President Barack Obama is the one trying to bring it home for Hillary Clinton.

The president has been swinging through battleground states in the waning days of Clinton’s campaign, making a case for the Democratic nominee at rallies in North Carolina and Florida this week.

During a stop at Florida International University in Miami on Thursday, he praised his former secretary of state’s work and said she “made me a better president.”

“She understands policy. She understands how the world works. She understands that this stuff that we do, the challenges we face, aren’t abstract, they mean something to real people,” he said. “She doesn’t whine or complain or blame others or suggest everything is rigged when things aren’t going her way, she just works harder.”

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Obama was echoing comments he made a day earlier at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where he said unapologetically of Clinton, “You know what? She’s not flashy. She’s not going around spending all the time giving big stemwinders. And as a consequence, sometimes she’s underappreciated here at home. But she made me a better president.”

Obama will return the favor again by joining Clinton for her closing argument in Philadelphia on Monday.

There, at Clinton’s final rally before Election Day, she and Obama will urge Pennsylvanians to make history on Tuesday by electing her the first woman president. Together, they’ll deliver one last takedown of GOP nominee Donald Trump, and Obama will add that a vote for Clinton is also a vote to build on the progress of his own administration.

The Democratic nominee’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, daughter Chelsea Clinton, and First Lady Michelle Obama, will also be on hand to support her.

On Monday, before that evening’s showstopper finale in Philadelphia, the president will also to hit New Hampshire and possibly a third campaign stop, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters traveling with the president to North Carolina on Friday.

And Obama was leaving his schedule for Wednesday and Thursday of next week open-so that he could potentially add in a visit with the new president-elect.


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